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I know things are tough out there. Belt tightening is a fact of life when the stock market is tanking, and the countries financial institutions and major industries are going down the toilet. But the fact remains, that to... Read More..
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On Monday, June 9th, Sun unveiled Java CAPS 6, the most significant release of Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite in 5 years. Java CAPS 6 is a pluggable platform that relies extensively on Open Source components. Sun has made... Read More..
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Event processing and event driven architecture (EDA) provide a way for organizations to implement real time visibility and proactive decision making in the enterprise. Just about every survey we do shows that business agility is the #1 business driver for... Read More..
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There is a very big movement in the industry away from after-the-fact reporting and analysis to on-demand information delivered in context, what some are calling operational BI. Last year ebizQ did a virtual conference on BI in Action during which... Read More..
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When Gartner started talking about EDA there were numerous debates whether Event Driven Architecture (EDA) was an implementation style of SOA or whether it was a distinct architecture apart from SOA. I originally considered it to be the former, but... Read More..
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Industry trends and vendor spotlights from Beth Gold-Bernstein.

Beth Gold-Bernstein

Beth Gold-Bernstein is a recognized expert in integration technologies and SOA with over 20 years experience View more


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