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InfoWorld made it official this morning - this week is the last print issue they will run. There were rumors going around the Internet over the weekend, apparently catching some employees by surprise. But InfoWorld is trying to make this... Read More..

Preparing for a webinar next week on Enterprise Mash-ups gave me an opportunity to ponder the subject of mash-ups at more length. Frankly, my first reaction to the term was that renaming existing concepts with cool Web 2.0 jive was... Read More..

We have another great line-up of presentations for the 2nd day of BPM in Action. The day starts with Janelle Hill's keynote on BPM technology. She called it From Best- of-Breed Tools to BPM Suites to Business Process Platforms. I... Read More..

Our second virtual conference and trade show launches today. We've been VERY busy putting this all together. As chair of the conference I've had the opportunity to hear all the sessions. Our keynotes are great. Over time I think we'll... Read More..

On Mar 7th at 2:00 we're going to have a lively panel discussion on how to support different business requirements for human, automated and collaborative processes. Dr. Bruce Silver, an expert in BPM and BPMN will be participating and sharing... Read More..

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