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Beth Gold-Bernstein

Sun Releases Enterprise Open Source Platform

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Today Sun announced the release of its open source GlassFish platform. Sun has embraced open source and has released the integrated platform as a more palatable alternative for the enterprise. The issue with open source is the time and cost to integrate different components, and support. According to Sun, the GlassFish platform offers price/performance savings of 90% over proprietary alternatives. The integrated platform makes it easy to install and manage, and Sun offers enterprise support. The platform is extensible and fully integrated with MySQL.

The fact that the platform is pre-integrated goes a long way to lowering the bar for organizations adopting open source. One of the hidden costs of open source is the skill sets, time and resources for implementing and supporting open source. Furthermore, an enterprise class open source platform includes a stack of technologies. Integrating and configuring the stack represents another cost. Each development team may configure the stack differently, increasing overall enterprise maintenance and support cost.

The GlassFish platform provides a standardized and integrated stack, helping to simplify management and decrease costs. The platform includes, a complete LAMP stack, a portal for web site development and collaborative work spaces, a full Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and enterprise scale management and monitoring for SNMP. Technologies include Sun Web Server, Apache HTTPd, GlassFish, lighttpd, Memcached, Mod_jk,perl, ruby, PHP, Ruby, Python, Squid , and Tomcat). While Sun is not expecting customers to dump their WebSphere and WebLogic platforms, they are betting that the downturn will give organizations a fresh reason to look at open source for its price/performance advantages.

An integrated and supported open source platform lowers the barriers and decreases the risk to large organizations who may very well be taking a conservative strategy to the economy. An easy to use cheaper platform should be well worth at least a serious look by organizations looking to lower infrastructure costs.

Sun is betting many organizations will opt for the Enterprise supported edition. For organizations already doing open source, there may be significant cost savings through standardizing LAMP configurations across the enterprise. The pricing model for support is based on the MySQL Enterprise pricing.

MySQL Enterprise
(per server per year in USD)
•Basic • $599
•Silver • $1,999
•Gold • $2,999
•Platinum • $4,999

GlassFish Portfolio
(per server per year in USD)
•Basic • $ 999
•Silver • $2,999
•Gold • $5,999
•Platinum • $8,999

Organizations wishing to standardize on the portfolio will be interested in the GlassFish Portfolio Unlimited which starts at $120,000. For the price of a single CPU of Oracle Enterprise Edition, companies with up to 1000 employees can deploy an unlimited number of GlassFish Enterprise Server, Web Stack, Web Space, or ESB servers with full 24x7 production support. Includes 24x7 access to GlassFish Manager.

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Beth Gold-Bernstein

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