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Beth Gold-Bernstein

SaaS Development Platform

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One of the major trends for 2009 will surely be cloud computing, also called SaaS (software as a service). In bad economic times, organizations have less money to spend, and even more pressing needed to do more with less. Usually technology helps enable increased productivity. But paying for a software license, hardware, installation, training and support adds up, sometimes to more than the budget of a single project.

Integrating technologies to enable new types of Web 2.0 applications may be out of reach for organizations facing funding freezes as deep as the snow in the northeast this week. The answer could very well be cloud computing or SaaS. You get the advantage of all the latest technologies, but at a fraction of the cast because it's a shared service.

Recently SpringCM announced it will be licensing its SaaS platform for application development. SpringCM has integrated 22 different content technologies, including imaging, document capture, search, version control, business process automation, fax, e-mail, records management, and a managers' workflow console, into a single SaaS application. The platform has enterprise class security, and each individual has a separate login in with permissions.

The SpringCM 5.0 application development can be used for content rich applications including (but not limited to) accounts payable, logistics, contract management, proposal management, and compliance applications. Solution partners have built reusable templates on the Spring CM platform which can be configured for clients including customized menus and toolbars, folder and metadata models, workflow templates, custom reports and eForms. The SpringCM 5.0 platform also enables integrations with third-party systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The SpringCM platform can be used by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), consulting organizations, document services organizations such as Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) and scanning bureaus, to create on-demand versions of their offerings, at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to build their SaaS platform.

According to Dan Carmel, CEO, applications built on the SaaS platform take approximately 3-4 weeks to deploy. There is a $1500 setup fee that includes 12 hours professional services. Carmel stated that most applications are up and running in the first 12 hours. There is also a $50 per seat charge for a specific application.

Partners that are offering solutions built on the SpringCM platform include:

• Clickability, which is integrating with SpringCM's existing marketing asset management capabilities to create the industry's first "Word to Web" SaaS solution linking marketing content creation, review and approval to comprehensive Web publishing.

• Pitney Bowes Inc. has developed an application to leverage the SpringCM 5.0 platform to streamline Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) compliance for government agencies and case management professionals.

• Ricoh Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemberg, world leaders in document-based technology solutions, are exploring market opportunities and several content applications on the SpringCM platform to expand Ricoh's presence in the total enterprise solutions market.

• Conversion Technologies International, Inc. has developed the Healthcare and Patient Records Management solution to speed the capture, management, and workflow automation of patient health records, resulting in significant cost savings and efficiency improvements.

• Harding Group Document Management Solutions has developed the AkuTrust eRecords Management (ERM) solution for the streamlined management, retention and review of student records in institutions ranging from K-12 through higher education saving to improve records management while saving money.

• MACH 2 Solutions has developed the Digitized Patient Information Management solution for capturing clinical data at the point of creation, turning hospital clinical healthcare data into valuable and actionable information and simplifying the management of patient health information as well as HIPAA compliance.

• Security Compliance Advisors has developed the ComplianceCare for FINRA Document Compliance solution that enables SEC registered brokers to automate and standardize over 52 specific compliance events required for mandatory compliance and associated audits.

• US Archive & Imaging Services, Inc. has developed the Digital Mail Toolbox, a mailroom solution for non-profit service providers to enable the digitizing, management and distribution of incoming mail, and all related documents, in order to improve accountability, efficiency and cash flow.

• Waypoint, LLC has developed Integrated Business Capture for Government Contractors, a solution for managing pre-award business services to create revenue growth for clients selling into federal, state & local government as well as commercial markets where new business is won through structured, competitive procurement processes. 

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