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Beth Gold-Bernstein

SOA Adoption for Dummies

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There's a new SOA Dummies book out there, not to be confused with Service Oriented Architecture for Dummies by Judith Hurwitz, which I hear is coming out with a new edition. SOA Adoption for Dummies is a small thin book - under 100 pages - much like the Service Oriented Architecture: Getting it Right book (reviewed in a previous blog). The book was written by Miko Matsumura, VP and deputy CTO, Bjoern Brauel, VP and Deputy CTO, and Jignesh Shah, VP of SOA Product Management and Marketing, all from Software AG. Click here for another ebizQ review of this book.

You can read this book on a plane ride, which is a good thing. Even better, you can learn some valuable best practices for SOA adoption. What I liked most about it was the continual advice that SOA success requires attention to the human element. Boy is that ever true! The book presents both a SOA architecture blueprint and an organizational blueprint, talks about tribal warfare and how it can impact the success of projects.

The book also introduces a very high level methodology called SOA Rocket Science. I asked Miko Matsumura what format the methodology existed in and his answer was "We do have a methodology called GEAR, but since rocket science is so new, it's not yet baked into GEAR. GEAR is pretty close though." However, I couldn't find anything about GEAR on the Software AG website. My guess is that SOA Rocket Science was a cutesy way to talk about SOA adoption. The three SOA rocket science principles are:

1. Keep the pointy end of the rocket up. Meaning you should measure continuously and make course corrections along the way
2. Keep moving up. Meaning that you need to engage funders, executives, other stakeholders, and show business value.
3. Don't stop till you are weightless. Meaning you should automate policies and processes to make governance effortless.

In all fairness the Dummies title pretty much demands cutesy, although I must say that Service Oriented Architecture for Dummies actually manages to be clever rather than just camp. But the two books have different purposes. While the Hurwitz book is meant to be a full SOA primer, this book is focused on adoption, and the importance of aligning organizational polices, processes, roles and responsibilities to enable business agility and SOA success. Instead of being a full primer, it is meant to be read in an hour or two. You can download it on the Software AG site , or you can attend SOA in Action on Wed., Nov. 19th, for an opportunity to win one of 5 copies.

Keep the pointy end up and don't stop until you're weightless. Do you think that could work as an enterprise methodology?

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Beth Gold-Bernstein

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