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Beth Gold-Bernstein

IAP - Independent Analyst Platform

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I spent three days in Phoenix last week, where the heat surpassed 110, at the first Independent Analyst Platform (IAP) It was organized by Rick van der Lans (chief cat hearder) who did a great job of bringing together an interesting and international group of analysts (here's all the analysts on YouTube ). In all, there were 25 analysts and 20 vendors, and three days packed full of briefings. Rick called the weather a virtual lock down. But frankly I didn't mind not being able to go outside so much, as I appreciated the opportunity to connect with a very experienced and knowledgeable group of people, including: Peter Aiken, Mike Ferguson, Richard Hackathorn, Jan Henderyckx, Claudia Imhoff, Bill Inmon, John Landry, David Loshin, Gwen Thomas, Shawn Rogers, David, McGovern, Alec Sharp, Krish Krishnan, Lyndsay Wise and Nancy Williams. I was able to twist some arms, and convince Gwen Thomas to join the MDM Roundtable on July 16th, and Claudia Imhoff to participate in our BI in Action virtual conference on Dec. 3rd.

Rick told me his idea was to bring together a mix SOA and BI analyst but there definitely seemed to be a predominance of BI analysts. Actually, it was the BI analysts who drew me to the event. I have long been concerned by the fact that the semantic mappings of enterprise information were being held in proprietary mapping tools. The issues of data management and governance in a distributed, federated, SOA driven world are formidable, and data issues become apparent when SOA enables more widespread access to information. This is why ebizQ has launched the MDM Roundtable event. Moreover, advances in enterprise integration technologies have made operational BI a reality. I found the BI briefings helpful in terms of understanding the capabilities and potential for adding operational BI into the stack. In addition to Claudia Imhoff, I'm hoping to convince some of the other people I met to participate in the BI in Action conference. A number of them are active practitioners, with international consulting practices, many years of experience, and some excellent insights.

Richard Hackathorn and Shawn Rogers both blogged live on the b-eye network www.b-eye-network.com, which greatly impressed me. Now I have some catching up to do. Thank you Rick for a great event. I truly appreciated the opportunity to connect to a new group of analysts and experts who I hope will begin to contribute their knowledge to the ebizQ community.

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Beth Gold-Bernstein

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