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I’m at the MIT CIO Symposium today.  Currently, I’m in the Internet of Things Panel. Moderator: Dr. Michael Chui, Sr. Fellow McKinsey Global Institute Panelists: Mr. Robert LeFort, CEO Ember Prof. Sanjay Sarma, Professor and Former Chairman of Research and... Read More..
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This afternoon, we have an opportunity to interact with some of Tibco's customers.  First, via a panel session and later in 1x1 sessions.  On the customer panel are representatives from the World Economic Forum, Colt Technology Services, Energy Australia and... Read More..
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As I mentioned on the 12th, I'm dedicating 100-days worth of research sessions to explore "enterprise cloud computing considerations".  My first topic is adoption trends: What are organizations doing, or planning to do, with cloud computing? What types of cloud... Read More..
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As I mentioned in my 2010 plans, one of my projects this year is writing and advocacy for the OMG’s Business Ecology Initiative (BEI).  This morning, we launched the new Business Ecology Initiative blog, and I published the following overview... Read More..
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Forgoing the hyperbole of cloud computing predictions – sensational outages to a cloud-in-every-pocket – I want to start 2010 discussing the enduring aspects of cloud computing on enterprise business-technology.  Regardless of the final manifestation of cloud computing, and the tally... Read More..
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Earlier this month, I made my first and only prediction for 2010, that we would (finally) see the “Rise of Event Processing?.  Often, when I speak of Event Processing, I refer to a broader context of Active Information and (when... Read More..
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Session Abstract: “IT has undergone major change, but the pace of change that lies in the immediate future has never been experienced. New platforms driven by cloud computing, new sources of infrastructure and applications solutions, the changing technology stack and... Read More..
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I don't typically engage in predictions, but here's mine for 2010, fresh from my tweet stream: 2010: Event Processing transcends niche status, to well-recognized & adopted business technique for real-time visibility & responsiveness. I can list tons of reasons why,... Read More..
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In February, as I began my cloud watching in earnest, I wrote the following: “Only time will tell if my cloud watching is attention well spent.  If the cloud is indeed "the future of the Internet", then yes.  If the... Read More..
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The current edition of Wired has an interesting article entitled "The Good Enough Revolution".  The article highlights several successful products - from Pure Digital's Flip Video Camera to the Predator drone aircraft - where the success was due to a... Read More..
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Brenda Michelson, Principal of Elemental Links, shares her view on architectural strategies, technology trends, business, and relevance.

Brenda Michelson

Brenda Michelson is the principal of Elemental Links an advisory & consulting practice focused on business-technology capabilities that increase business visibility and responsiveness. Follow Brenda on Twitter.


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