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Leading Technology Vendors Announce Publication of 'BPEL4People' @ SOA WORLD MAGAZINE Announced, not a standard: "BPEL4People extends the capabilities of WS-BPEL to support a broad range of human interaction patterns, allowing for expanded modeling of business processes within the... Read More..

Wall Street & Technology: Blog: IBM Previews Ultra-Powerful Stream Processing System "System S takes this four generations forward, to a highly distributed, highly scalable stream processing technology that can take in any type of structured or unstructured data without... Read More..

A Job Interview You Don't Have to Show Up For - I could see avatars being hired for a Web Worker Jobs. But, for traditional work, I vote for first life interviews. And yes, I have avatar control... Read More..

Business in | Maine Is First State in Nation to Pass Net Neutrality Resolve "Maine Is First State in Nation to Pass Net Neutrality Resolve Resolution..."This is a victory for everyone who uses the Internet in Maine,"..."Every Mainer... Read More..

Waters magazine - Are You Being Served? SOA and/or Event Processing in Financial Services... Different approaches for different use cases ... of course! (tags: soa event_processing elemental_links)... Read More..

Real-Time Ambition: Reaching the Potential of Event Processing > Customer Intelligence > Intelligent Enterprise: Better Insight for Business Decisions overview of the CEP space... background, uses, vendors, customer examples (tags: cep eda)... Read More..

SOA in Action Blog: Mashups May Help Users Better Understand SOA one reason mashups are so popular is the availability of services to combine. IMO, a soa adoption barrier is the lack of available services (enterprise & the wild).... Read More..

If you are going to Gartner's AADI Summit next week, make a point of attending the User Panel: Best Practices in Advanced SOA for the Enterprise, on Wednesday, June 13 at 11:00 am. This high talent practitioner panel was put... Read More..
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Brenda Michelson, Principal of Elemental Links, shares her view on architectural strategies, technology trends, business, and relevance.

Brenda Michelson

Brenda Michelson is the principal of Elemental Links an advisory & consulting practice focused on business-technology capabilities that increase business visibility and responsiveness. Follow Brenda on Twitter.


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