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Event Processing Symposium 2010: New Featured Speakers

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The Event Processing Symposium is starting to look like the “who’s who of Event Processing?.  Joining Roy Schulte on the program are Colin Clark, Chris Bird, Opher Etzion and Paul Vincent.  The sessions:

  • Smart Systems and Sense-and-Respond Behavior: The Time for Event Processing is Now by W. Roy Schulte, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner
  • Analyze, Sense, and Respond: Identifying Threats & Opportunities in Social Networks, by Colin Clark, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Event Processing, Inc.
  • Case Study: Event Distribution Architecture at Sabre Airline Solutions, by Christopher Bird, Chief Architect at Sabre Airline Solutions
  • Event Processing – Seven Years from Now, by Opher Etzion, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member and chair of the Event Processing Technical Society
  • Events, Rules and Processes – Exploiting CEP for “The 2-second Advantage,? by Paul Vincent, CTO Business Rules and CEP, TIBCO Software

Check out the EP Symposium website for session details and registration information.

Event Processing experts and practitioners, there is still time to submit an abstract.  See the call for participation.  Or, just email me.


[Disclosure: The OMG is a client of my firm, Elemental Links.  I am the Event Processing Symposium 2010 Program Chair.]

Brenda Michelson, Principal of Elemental Links, shares her view on architectural strategies, technology trends, business, and relevance.

Brenda Michelson

Brenda Michelson is the principal of Elemental Links an advisory & consulting practice focused on business-technology capabilities that increase business visibility and responsiveness. Follow Brenda on Twitter.


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