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Brenda Michelson

@ Cloud Connect: Tuesday Morning 10 Minute Keynotes

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This week, I've taken my cloud watching on the road to Silicon Valley for the Cloud Connect conference.  The program starts on Tuesday morning with 3 hours of keynotes and general sessions.  The following "industry visionaries" are scheduled to "discuss the growth and future of cloud computing." 

  • Adam Gross, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Dropbox
  • Guy Rosen, CEO, Vircado and Blogger, JackOfAllClouds.com
  • Dan Elron, Managing Partner, Technology Strategy, Accenture
  • Alistair Croll, Co-Founder, Bitcurrent
  • Chris McGarry, Co-Founder and CEO, Omnetic
  • Jas Dhillon, General Manager Evidence.Com and TASER Virtual Systems; Chief Strategy Officer, TASER International, TASER International
  • Bob Flores, Founder and President, Applicology, Inc.and Former CTO of the CIA
  • Matt Thompson, West Region General Manager, Developer & Platform Evangelism, Microsoft
  • Mark Prichard, Senior Principal Product Manager, Java Platforrm Group, Oracle
  • Vijay Bhagavath, U.S. Equity Research, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
  • Rodney Joffe, Senior Vice President, and Senior Technologist, Neustar
  • Scott Chasin, CTO, McAfee Software-as-a-Service
  • Darren Feher, CEO, Conviva and Former CTO for NBC

First up, with a quick introduction is Alistair Croll, the Cloud Connect content program chair.  Alistair says "cloud computing is the fuel for the next level of human consciousness.  Cloud Computing is the gray matter for human 2.0."

Now, the 10-minute keynotes begin.  Starting with Dan Elron, Managing Partner, Technology Strategy, Accenture.  Elron's topic is cloud computing and national sovereignty.  What are governments worried about with cloud computing?  Information Security issues and Vendor Lock-in.  How are providers responding?  Some are slowly down investment because of fear of impending regulation.  Too expensive to build in every country.  Dan's message is "the faster the industry takes on the challenges, concerns of government, the better off we will all be".

Next, Vijay Bhagavath, U.S. Equity Research, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.  Vijay will share Wall Street perspective, and speak to private clouds.  Sees private cloud as the appearance of scale and aspects of service-orientation.  Vijay thinks that in the enterprise, the consumption of private cloud services will increasingly be by mobile devices.  Enterprise keys in private cloud vs. conventional IT setting: user metadata, application delivery, service delivery frameworks and virtualization.  Private cloud TAM estimate in 2010 is $20B.  Believes spending will be overweight on virtualized datacenter, server and switching; and infrastructure management software.

MR Rangaswami, SandHill Group, new research completed yesterday.  "People are asking the same questions about cloud today that they asked about the internet in 1997".  What are people buying: SaaS (60%), PaaS (10.2%) and IaaS (15.7%).  PaaS and IaaS are growing.  How are people moving?  Smaller organizations are embracing cloud at faster rate.  Tend to jump in quicker.  Enterprises tend to pilot.  CIO perspective, private clouds are growing.  Data centers are changing to private clouds. 

Cloud Investment: 70% of respondents are spending less than 3% on cloud today, in 3 years, will grow dramatically.  [Slide moved to quick.]  Biggest business driver is business agility

Bold Prediction from a leading CIO, "In 3 years, the industry will get 40% in the cloud.  In 5 years, it could get to 70% percent".  SandHill research report available next week.

Matt Thompson, West Region General Manager, Developer & Platform Evangelism, Microsoft

Why Clouds (now)

- 10+ years of increasing complexity and cost in the datacenter

- 9/10 new startups in the Valley are focused on delivery services/content to the web or mobile

- What else are the Angels/VC's going to fund (with apologies to VCs in audience)

12,000 partner apps running in Azure today.  Matt says platform as a service is the big play in the clouds.  Matt's Microsoft pitch, same software stack for on-premise and public (Azure) cloud.  Points out how companies like American Express and VISA will never put their data in a public cloud.  Same for pharma drug testing.  Statistics in public space, but not test details.

Ballmer's "All in on cloud", was internal challenge as well as public statement. 

Most interesting to Matt, how are developers going to develop new applications.  Speaks of laptop based emulators to cloud development environment. [I'm having a mainframe flashback now]

Microsoft datacenter strategy "don't want to ship bits over large bodies of water." 

Two Cloud Predictions:

1. More innovation on the edge - being connected is more interesting than being disconnected.  Cloud clients (phones, set top boxes, RFID, etc).  Internet of things. Loosely coupled access to routing, storage, compute etc at edge of network.

2. Data as a Service.  Project Dallas.  Massive datasets in the cloud.  Data marketplace.

Pitch: Bizspark.

Guy Rosen, CEO, Vircado and Blogger, JackOfAllClouds.com.  Hacking Cloud Adoption.  Guy starts with The German Tank Problem.  Led to Anatomy of Amazon Resource Id.  Calculated # of servers launched per day: 83.152 on Amazon EC2, hundreds on other providers.  Servers launched all time: Amazon 23 million, Rackspace 165,975, GoGrid 75,391. 

Guy says the numbers don't necessarily reflect popularity.  Rather the type of workloads.  Amazon's are dynamic, start and stop, all the time.

Rodney Joffe, Senior Vice President, and Senior Technologist, Neustar.  Cloud Computing for Criminals.  Sets stage with # of systems, CPUs and bandwidth of big cloud computing players.  Now, shows bigger "cloud", what is it?  Conficker!

Says, have all same choices of regular clouds: rent, geographies, networks, bandwidth, OS, specialty, etc.  Messages: "learn from the pros, study the botnets".  "Protect your infrastructure and apps".  "Assume you will become a target".  "Don't look like a black cloud".

Scott Chasin, CTO, McAfee Software-as-a-Service. Securing the Cloud. Now, before ubiquity, we need to secure the cloud.  Will people be attacking the cloud, "because that's where the money is?".  Hat tip to bank robber Willie Sutton, "because that's where the money is".

Calls out Cloud Security Alliance work, 7 deadly sins of cloud risk.  Huge concern of cloud, versus on-premise, is shared resource vulnerability.  McAfee Pitch: Security from the Cloud, Security in the Cloud and Security of the Cloud.

McAfee announcing today: McAfee Cloud Secure Program.  Combination of Annual Certification and Daily Security Vulnerability Service.

Brenda Michelson, Principal of Elemental Links, shares her view on architectural strategies, technology trends, business, and relevance.

Brenda Michelson

Brenda Michelson is the principal of Elemental Links an advisory & consulting practice focused on business-technology capabilities that increase business visibility and responsiveness. Follow Brenda on Twitter.


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