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Mike Pascucci

Changing your Corporate culture, is it in You?

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Over the past couple of weeks I have attended and spoken at a couple of Tradeshows and Conferences. I must say that it is great to validate a lot of the things that we are doing with the thoughts of some of the 'Thought leaders" out there. I will say that one important thing really began to stick out within a lot of the discussions that I heard and was a part of. It is the concept of the importance of how many businesses need to begin the process of changing their corporate culture and embrace new ways to interact with and communicate with their audiences. Now this is not an easy task by any means. A change in corporate culture? Is this how you feel when you hear that?
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Talk about a tough assignment. But the fact of the matter is that in order to be successful in this ever changing environment, you do need to change the way that people talk, feel and believe in basic everyday functions. We are talking about changing the way that people communicate and interact with one another, definitely not an easy task. There are a couple of things that you can do to help begin your journey, and while it will not be an easy one, or one that will happen overnight, it will be very beneficial for the future of your business.

Internal advocacy
You really need someone internally to meet with different departments and provide them with an overview of what the tools are and what benefits that they have. The story also needs to be tailored to the audience, you can not tell the Marketing team that they can answer support questions, or the sales team that they can hear how their customers are complaining about the services or product. Tell the sales team that it is about leads; tell the marketing team that it is about acquisition and the support team that it is about answering questions.......you need to reach your audience with this type of approach. If it is for internal purposes (eIntranet) discuss how much more productive and creative they can be.

External Networking
Building up networks on external sites is a great way to funnel all information directly to you and to engage with your audience. This interaction and engagement needs to be authentic and genuine and can not be focused towards broadcasting a message with a bull-horn. It really needs to be an interactive experience for both you and your audience. Once you build up this trust, you will then have the ability, organically, to increase brand awareness through your friend's networks as well. All of this information needs to also be brought in to your Intranet so that all can observe what people are saying. Whether it is your customers, partners, or your employees (intranet), it is important to provide as much as a transparent experience as you can in order to be successful.

Now these are only two ways that you can begin to change your corporate culture. I know that there are many more out there, but what have your experiences been? Have you been put in charge of such a change or experienced it from an employee standpoint? Please share your stories. Being a major initiative for many businesses, it would be great to hear first hand from others. Thanks for reading.

Mike Pascucci provides insight on all things associated with social media and online community management. Based on his experiences, he'll share past, current and potential future best practices concerning implementations and strategies.

Mike Pascucci

Mike Pascucci's current position at Ektron - a flexible, scalable, WCM solution provider - provides him the opportunity to discuss and develop Social strategies for corporations that either have failed in the past, or are afraid of failing in their new initiatives. Whether it includes an Enterprise Social Strategy or one that is External, leveraging the likes of Twitter and/or Facebook, Mike can help you navigate the waters. He has been part of the "Social Software" revolution for over 10 years, including 5+ years at eBay where he held numerous Community roles - Manager, Product Manager, and International Consultant.


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