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Mike Pascucci

Social Intranets Part III - Profiles

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I posted to my personal blog when I first started at Ektron how the eIntranet really helped with my transition concerning a new company. From a professional standpoint, it was the first time that I had ever experienced this type of internal tool being leveraged to it fullest. It was not just about sharing documentation and tracking revisions. It was not just about finding information and viewing what vacation time I was entitled to or where to find the file to submit my expense report. It was about the inclusion of Social features and functionality within almost every aspect of the implementation (where appropriate). I will go into detail on the specific features and functionalities on another post, but for this one I really wanted to focus on the Social aspect, Employee Profiles. I focus on "Employee" because we are talking specifically about Intranets, but the following is also appropriate to external communities, such as the ones that Ektron powers for NASDAQ (only for registered members) and AMC Entertainment.


Granted, lessening the on-boarding times for new employees is not the only thing that Intranets can assist with, but from a "first-impression" standpoint it definitely helps to break the ice, while also facilitating and increasing adoption. The following displays how an eIntranet Profile page can be set up. Let's focus on the functionality.

From the top left of the page you will notice the "profile photo". Below that you will also see information that is specific to the user. (your calendar, your groups, your colleagues or friends). As the owner of the page you can also decide who sees what, and control access to specific sections of your profile, as well as how you want to be notified of any changes (via SMS, email and so on). A great section within this area is the dashboard. The dashboard allows the owner to create a custom tab - just areas as if creating a custom page for a website, where you can drag and drop a Twitter, Flicker, YouTube or any other feed into that specific page, creating a destination for the employee to go to find the information they need. Again, I'll have more to say on this specific area in another blog post.

The page organizes all of your messages into specific sections - a great way to filter information that you need to find easily. Included within that area is a special tab that has your personal information: your department, extension and cube location, whatever you choose to add to that page. Below that section are the updates that are specific to each of the areas, as well as a way that you can reply to those posts, or delete them from your page.

You may ask, 'Why are you trying to recreate Facebook"? and that is a legit question. The answer is that we are not trying to recreate it, we are simply creating a way for employees to network and communicate with one another leveraging similar tools and functionality in order to enhance their experience within their professional life, while also assisting in the adoption rate of Intranets world-wide for businesses. At this moment, we know that there are other tools out there, but believe that we are ahead of the curve when it comes to a content management system that leverages Social tools the way that we do (both externally as well as behind the firewall). What do you think? Please make sure to follow these posts as there will be much more to come.

Mike Pascucci provides insight on all things associated with social media and online community management. Based on his experiences, he'll share past, current and potential future best practices concerning implementations and strategies.

Mike Pascucci

Mike Pascucci's current position at Ektron - a flexible, scalable, WCM solution provider - provides him the opportunity to discuss and develop Social strategies for corporations that either have failed in the past, or are afraid of failing in their new initiatives. Whether it includes an Enterprise Social Strategy or one that is External, leveraging the likes of Twitter and/or Facebook, Mike can help you navigate the waters. He has been part of the "Social Software" revolution for over 10 years, including 5+ years at eBay where he held numerous Community roles - Manager, Product Manager, and International Consultant.


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