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Mike Pascucci

Social Advertising

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A few months ago, I was watching TV and ran across an info-mercial. I am not too sure what the product was, and luckily enough for me, it was at the end of the half hour. Anyway, the company advertised to visit them on xxx.myspace.com/brand_name. Now the program must have been at least 4-5 years old, but in observing that ad, I thought that these guys were well ahead of the curve with their "Social Advertising". Driving people back to a Social Networking site rather than a link to their own corporate website, I thought was a great idea, and wondered why others did not pick up on that. Then I got to thinking, well, companies are just now starting to feel comfortable with Social Media and external websites to promote their product, and remembered the "...oh, that is just a passing fad that will be over in a year or so..." conversations that I have had in the past.

Fast-forward to the 2010 Olympics.

Since the beginning of the Olympics, I have seen a lot of good commercials. Some were first shown during the Super Bowl, and some others are brand new. Now granted, I do not watch a ton of TV, so maybe I have missed this in the past, but I noticed something that I do not believe that I have seen before. Companies were openly promoting their corporate Twitter, Facebook and/or YouTube accounts, displaying the icons at the end of the commercial and pointing their audience to follow them on any of these channels.

Just last night, while watching the Olympics, I noticed that Toyota (at least they are visible somewhere) was pointing people right to their YouTube channel. I also found this very interesting. What about their corporate website? Why not promote that, and build/allow for the same social features and functionality within their website that YouTube offers? You can easily embed the YouTube video within your website. Do you have social tools within your website to leverage, your ability to interact with your audience and for them to interact with the content that you are supporting? Are you really creating a relationship between your brand and your audience on these channels?

Are businesses really embracing this 'Social" concept, or are they simply "using" external channels in order to reach a large audience, because they are afraid of what it may mean to implement these features on their corporate website and potentially fail? After all, it is rather easy to pull the plug on your Facebook/YouTube/Twitter account, but it is more difficult to do that within your corporate website's Social functionality.

Until I see businesses that begin to build, create and solidify relationships with their consumers or their audience within their corporate websites, via "Social tools", I do not believe that they are truly embracing the concept. 

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Mike Pascucci provides insight on all things associated with social media and online community management. Based on his experiences, he'll share past, current and potential future best practices concerning implementations and strategies.

Mike Pascucci

Mike Pascucci's current position at Ektron - a flexible, scalable, WCM solution provider - provides him the opportunity to discuss and develop Social strategies for corporations that either have failed in the past, or are afraid of failing in their new initiatives. Whether it includes an Enterprise Social Strategy or one that is External, leveraging the likes of Twitter and/or Facebook, Mike can help you navigate the waters. He has been part of the "Social Software" revolution for over 10 years, including 5+ years at eBay where he held numerous Community roles - Manager, Product Manager, and International Consultant.


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