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http://www.youtube.com/commentservlet?allcomments&v=xZjsPBzoTHQ The YOUTUBE videos on Squork are getting some attention and the first few bits of feedback we've received ask some very pointy questions on what makes Squork better than Google Wave and free source software. Rather than answer the... Read More..
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http://www.mg.co.za/article/2010-02-14-google-takes-another-step-towards-turning-into-microsoftWell done to John Naughton for putting this insight forward. The parallels between decisions being made by Google today and Microsoft yesterday are thought-provoking and remind us all that Google isn't a charity. Perhaps we should be more concerned about... Read More..

Like many people I've been waiting for those clever people at SAP to enter the Social Operating Systems space so I was not so surprised this week when readwriteweb announced that SAP had a competitor to Google Wave. But no. SAPs... Read More..
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Ian Tomlin is a marketing consultant, writer and speaker on the subject of agile organizational design and associated technologies.


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