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Ian Tomlin

Gen Y and the workplace

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Gen Y's green demands for the workplace

I'm busy writing a White Paper to explain to organizational change managers what a social office is and why it matters - so I was delighted to come across this research that's been published in May of this year that provides feedback on what matters most to Gen Y entering, or preparing to enter the workplace.

Gen Y is important to employers because, with the baby boomer generation racing towards retirement, this is the community charged with taking over the reigns. But with so many employers seeking such a small supply of brain-power, inevitably the voice of Gen Y matters. And Gen Y has a whole new set of employment expectations; one of which is the work environment. This article does well to capture the workplace environmental expectations of Gen Y workers.

My blog focuses on agile organizational design and related information management technologies such as cloud computing, net.working, social collaboration, data integration and meshing, business insights and code-free applications design.

Ian Tomlin

Ian Tomlin is a marketing consultant, writer and speaker on the subject of agile organizational design and associated technologies.


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