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As the term suggests, a social operating system is a computing platform that supports the formation, management and use of social relationship ties. In my opinion, social operating systems will have a fundamental impact on both society and business -... Read More..
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When they first came on the scene with SIEBEL, Customer Relationship Management systems were supposed to grow your business 'one customer at a time'. Like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems they promised a rosy future for business people of being... Read More..
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I've just completed a paper on Services Oriented Architecture to provide an overview for business and IT leaders of the 'must-do-wells' and critical success factors of implementation. The key topics I cover are: * DEFINITION * ARCHITECTURAL LAYERS * EMERGING... Read More..
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My blog focuses on agile organizational design and related information management technologies such as cloud computing, net.working, social collaboration, data integration and meshing, business insights and code-free applications design.

Ian Tomlin

Ian Tomlin is a marketing consultant, writer and speaker on the subject of agile organizational design and associated technologies.


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