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Business Agility Insights

Stephanie Mann

Greetings and insights from ebizQ's assistant site editor

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Hi, everyone!

I'm Stephanie, ebizQ's assistant site editor. Welcome to my new blog, Business Agility Insights. The newest addition to ebizQ's wide range of BPM-related blogs, this little slice of the Internet will serve up advice, musings and thought-provoking content on the newest ways to boost your organization's performance and make your business processes more efficient.

I've been writing about BPM at ebizQ for nearly a year. In case you didn't know, ebizQ is part of TechTarget, a technology media company with headquarters in Newton, Mass. (I also work as an assistant site editor for ebizQ's sister TechTarget site, SearchSOA.com. Head over there for the latest news and trends in service-oriented architecture.)

Before joining TechTarget, I was a reporter for a weekly newspaper in Boston, and held editorial internships with several publishing companies. I'm learning about the tech world as I go, which I hope will help make this blog more useful, easily understood and fun to read for people from all walks of life. I'm thrilled to be a part of this exciting time in technology innovation, and want to use this space to share my new discoveries with you.

But enough of the "greetings" portion of this post, and onto the "insights." Let's get off to a good start, and talk about some fresh ideas for increased business agility.

In particular, I can offer some new perspective from Gartner, from the group's Application Architecture, Development & Integration (AADI) Summit in Las Vegas last week. Having just returned from the Sin City event a few days ago, I have three key takeaways to put out into the blogosphere:

1. "The nexus is coming! The nexus is coming!" Well, according to Gartner, the nexus is already here. This might as well be Gartner's new mantra; it seemed to echo through the opulent halls of Caesars Palace throughout the four-day AADI conference. According to Gartner, cloud computing, mobile, social and information are coming together to form a "nexus of forces." This nexus, they say, is changing IT as we know it. From application architecture and master data management, to case management and services design, major shifts are underway to adapt to the consumerization of IT and an increased demand for customer-centric processes.
2. So many applications, so little time. Gartner asserts that the growth of demand for applications will be explosive and exponential in the next three to five years. So what does that really mean for businesses today? Gartner says that organizations must start getting rid of "legacy culture" that inhibits innovation and stifles productivity--before it's too late. In sum, companies may struggle to meet the burgeoning demand for apps if they fail to modernize their own legacy applications and outdated processes first.
3. Keep your eyes on the API prize. Well-designed application programming interfaces (APIs) can mean big business value, says Gartner. Want proof that APIs matter? Some of the world's most successful companies have billions of API calls per day. Facebook: 5 billion per day in 2009. Twitter: 13 billion per day in 2011. As the number of APIs keep growing, managing them well becomes more important, says Gartner. A strong API management strategy can mean better services, more satisfied customers, and a more secure experience all around.

That's all for today! I'm always looking to keep the conversation going, so feel free to reach out. Were you at Gartner's AADI Summit last week? Do you have different insights you'd like to share? Leave a comment, find me on Twitter (@StephMannTT) or shoot me an email (smann@techtarget.com).

Until next time,


This blog offers tips, updates and insights about business process management, dynamic case management and related approaches and technologies.

Stephanie Mann

Stephanie Mann is the assistant editor for ebizQ and its sister TechTarget site, SearchSOA.com.

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