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Counterintuitive it may seem, agility does not come with an abandonment of rules, but actually requires more organizational discipline. Mature organizations do things systematically, while immature organizations achieve their outcomes as a result of the heroic efforts of individuals (Harmon,... Read More..
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SOA Not?

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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is touted as a "must have". Cherish it, or perish, says the IT analyst, as if SOA could be attributed some absolute normative value. However, SOA, as a technology, does not bring about business agility. In fact,... Read More..
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With the frantic pace of business today, value propositions and respective business models are in constant flux. The organizations need to reconfigure their resources dynamically and integrate them with complementary resources of their ecosystem. The strategic focus is back on... Read More..
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Companies have invested vast amounts of money and effort in information systems. In the course of time, these systems have been integrated with idiosyncratic point-to-point solutions to address larger business transactions. While this has appeared as simple and practical on... Read More..

Janne J. Korhonen provides insights into how information technology can be applied strategically to catalyze organizational change and responsiveness. Drawing from both theory and practice, he discusses agile enterprise and its governance.

Janne J. Korhonen

Janne J. Korhonen is an independent business and IT consultant,specializing in enterprise architecture, business process management,service-oriented architecture and pertinent governance models. He has over ten years of experience as an architect and consultant in a variety of extensive and mission-critical IT projects. With strong theoretical underpinnings, his consulting encompasses systemic co-development of business, organization and information technology.

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