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Is now the time for dynamic case management? Forrester answers

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Listen to my podcast with Craig Le Clair, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. He is a leading expert on information management, enterprise content management and related areas. In this conversation, we drill down deep into dynamic case management.

Listen to or download the 11:47 minute podcast below, or read this edited excerpt. And don't miss Le Clair's keynote presentation, "Supporting the Information Worker: What Organizations Want from Case Management," at ebizQ's BPM in Action virtual conference.

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Dynamic case management is certainly this year's thing! However, it is a point solution, not the overarching answer to the dynamic, complex processes of human work that some are positioning it to represent.

Case management ("dynamic", "adaptive" or anything else) is fundamentally about unstructured,ad-hoc work. Some recent case management products adds support for compliance via business rules, but the paradigm is fundamentally limited in 2 ways:

1. Case management only applies where the work is all done by a single organization, or where a single organization has complete control, since a "case" is stored in one place and managed by a single authority.

2. Case management does not support continuous improvement, since the ad-hoc model (in which knowledge workers decide on the fly which tasks to execute) provides no repeatable patterns, and does not allow for structured management intervention.

To provide support for cross-boundary, repeatable, manageable knowledge work processes, you need Human Interaction Management (HIM). HIM can be used alongside BPM and Case Management to provide a complete, integrated solution to managing human work.

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