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Jack Vaughan

Cancel the SOA funeral plans, again

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Ovum analyst Tony Baer recently appeared on Dana Gardner's Briefings Direct blog to discuss the state of SOA as he sees it in the wake of IBM's recent Impact event.

"There is a core disconnect between what gets analysts and journalists excited, and what gains traction with the customers who consume the technologies that keep our whole ecosystem in business," he wrote. Vendors are speaking less of SOA, just as users really start using it, he suggested.

True enough, as an industry buzz word 'SOA' does not fly as high as it used to. But, as Baer implies, the era of SOA is not over - evidence shows that this is far from the case. Take as proof your own experience as it is found in the initial results of our TechTarget/Forrester Research State of SOA 2010 survey. Readers from SearchSOA.com, ebizQ.net, and TheServerSide.com took part in this study.

The first takeaway is that SOA is truly getting down to business these days. SOA is broadly entrenched. Survey results show that 47.4% of respondents work in organizations where SOA projects are underway, and 30.9% have multiple SOA projects underway.

These are scoped as enterprise SOA projects in 62.6% of the cases. Formal SOA offices or centers of excellence exist in 13.6% of organizations, up from 9.0% in our comparable 2009 survey.

On which applications do respondents now use or plan to use SOA services? Representing 70.5% of respondents' efforts, Web applications are a clear leader. But data services and legacy integration are important too, at 51.3% and 48.7%, respectively. For keeping SOA efforts on track, 27.1% cite active guidance by an EA team as most important.

The proofs keep coming in from around the World Wide Web. This week Global Industry Analysts, Inc. said the global Service Oriented Architecture-Driven software market would reach $21 Billion by 2015. Honest people can differ on numbers like this (counting middleware is something of a crapshoot), but it is hard to deny that SOA is alive, even if some people have counted it out repeatedly.

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Peter Schooff

Peter Schooff is Contributing Editor at ebizQ, and manager of the ebizQ Forum. Contact him at pschooff@techtarget.com

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