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The Buzz on Google Buzz

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So it's been one day and counting since the introduction of Google Buzz, and folks are already popping up on Twitter calling themselves "Buzz Experts." I guess with Google looking to speed up the internet, people will be able to get a year of experience on something in a day.

Having tried Google Wave, and essentially seeing it wither on the e-vine, Google Buzz usez some of the lessons Google must have learned from Wave, in that each comment I make, ala Facebook, someone else can also comment on my comment, and in essence, built a Wave of comments.

And Google Buzz sure is easy to use, as it's just one click away from my daily email.

The introduction of Google Buzz proves to me how powerful it is to have an email platform like Gmail to launch your products from. Which makes me wonder where the heck Microsoft is in all this...are they busy perfecting the 500th version of MS Word, basically moving all the tasks around so we'll all have to relearn how to do the same tasks we all used to know before they moved everything around (which is how Window's 7 often feels).

Some of the early responses on Buzz rail on the fact that attaching Buzz to Gmail means that hackers are that much closer to having all your email contacts.

Some comments on Twitter:

@ayjay Even though I've turned off Buzz, there appears to be no way to un-socialize Google Reader. A tool I've used for years is hosed, it appears.

@sfioritto: Okay. Twitter is now hooked up to this whole buzz thing, so I can safely forget about it again, like facebook.

Like a friend once said about email, it's just another way to ignore people.

And me, I'm thinking that Google knows so much about us, I'm wondering when they'll introduce a what-am-I-thinking autofill feature.

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Peter Schooff

Peter Schooff is Contributing Editor at ebizQ, and manager of the ebizQ Forum. Contact him at pschooff@techtarget.com

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