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The Acceleration of SOA: iTKO Explains

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Editor's Note: Anyone interested in where SOA is at today and where it's going in the future must attend ebizQ's upcoming SOA in Action Virtual Conference coming this November 19th. Sign up right here.

Listen to my podcast with Jason English, the VP of Corporate Marketing for iTKO, where we offer a quick preview of ebizQ's upcoming SOA in Action Virtual Conference coming this November 19th.

Listen to or download the 4:58 podcast below:

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Now where do you see the current state of SOA adoption among companies today?

Well, we found that it is accelerating a lot quicker right now and it has definitely entered the mainstream. I think in the last two years we talked a lot about how SOA was entering the mainstream and we see it now. If you're talking about any Fortune 1,000 company, there is a lot of activity going on with SOA right now.

And we find that also just in terms of the number of people that are inquiring about it so they want to know about SOA integration, governance, testing, security, just about all the related fields around that and how to put it all together.

So we find that interest is really growing in SOA even if it isn't as hot as some terms you might find today like cloud computing or WOA. SOA is still what companies are driven to do and its where they're putting their budgets.

Your founder was in the SOA Governance Summit that we had last month. What are some the issues he plans to cover in the SOA in Action Virtual Conference?

Actually, that was a very productive conference we had last month that John Michelsen was sitting and on that panel. And we had a lot of good questions but they're mostly around how do I manage or architect my services. And now, with this with SOA in Action Conference, I imagine the discussion might go a lot more to the brass tacks like how do I actually tests, how do I orchestrate these services, what constitutes a policy and how am I actually validating that that policy is being met.

And also, we hope to kind of expand to talk into SOA virtualization, which is about virtualizing the behavior of services so that you can decouple yourself from the dependency on all of these interconnected services. And so that's going to be a part of our push at this virtual conference.

Sounds very interesting. Now iTKO is mainly known as a SOA testing firm, but lately you've been talking more about the LISA virtualized product that you've developed. Can you just give me a quick overview then of why it's so important to the SOA audience?

Thanks Peter. I mean it's definitely something that is the most active part of what's going on in SOA right now because we found that the lack of ability to have services, message buses, mainframes all of these interconnected components available at all times for you throughout the testing and development cycle, that's what's creating a huge roadblock to completing SOA.

So what were trying to do is with LISA virtualize is provide a virtual services environment that allows companies to basically connect their services under development or in testing to a virtualized service environment and thereby they actually have something that simulates and responds in a very realistic manner. And we can do that by basically capturing the behavior of those services and their underlying layers and databases and then providing that in a way that your applications can talk to them.

Now, what other important SOA subjects do you think are on enterprises mind and you think we'll be covering during the SOA in Action Virtual Conference?

I think there's going to be a couple of other ones that are coming into play. I think a lot of people might have questions about Software-as-a-Service or as it's being called now cloud computing. And then how if I'm proceeding towards SOA and I'm needing to interact with these types of third-party services, share services, or other components that aren't under my control, how do I govern them within my own framework?

And so a lot of discussion is going to happen around that. In addition, we've also had a lot of conversations around agile SOA lately. So if I have agility in my development department how I translate that into agility of my entire architecture or basically achieving that agility goal of SOA. So we're hoping we can have good conversations around that. And obviously, if its not covered in the session with John that we're having, you can definitely stop by our booth on the virtual show floor and just ask us.

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