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Elizabeth Book

Podcast: Service-Averse Architectures, the Status Quo of Most Organizations

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This week has been all about SAA. Not Systems Applications Architecture, as Tony Baer reminds us was a failed IBM Project in the 1980s, but something else entirely.

SAA here in 2007 is Service-Averse Architecture, a term I coined on Tuesday with the help of a friend (who remains anonymous for his own protection), who was really frustrated with his organization's IT system.

It turns out SAA is the kind of IT architectures that prevail in countless hospitals, financial institutions, governments, and retail companies. The kind of architecture that holds you back, that you simply can't depend on. It's the kind of technology that makes you hate your job, or makes you resist the urge to throw your computer out the window. It makes your job harder, not easier, and it isn't getting better. SAA causes data breeches and slows down commerce. In hospitals, bad information, or no information, can even kill.

But identifying any problem is the first step in its solution.

Today, I offer you a podcast featuring Anne Thomas Manes, esteemed VP and Research Director of Burton Group, speaking with myself and ebizQ contributing editor and SOA evangelist Joe McKendrick.

Listen to or download the entire 15:21 podcast below:

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Thanks for this podcast, Elizabeth. I've posted some followup comments on my blog. For whatever reason, my trackbacks to eBizQ never seem to get through. It was a good discussion and I agree with what Anne and Joe had to say.


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