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Elizabeth Book

The Need for Enterprise Spam Management

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My colleague and ebizQ blogger Peter Schooff is writing today about a "storm worm" that is raining spam all over the internet. I don't know how things are going in big enterprises today, but here at ebizQ, we are being simply ravaged and pelted by spam of all types. And it's not like we don't update our virus protection devices, or that we don't invest in powerful enough tools to fight the kinds of spam we receive. But the fact seems to be, as agile as we are in fighting cyber criminals, the cyber criminals are agile too. They predict our moves and finds way around our fixes. For every patch we sew on, there's another hole they worm through.

Instead of retreating under our desks to wait for the spammers and their robots to just get bored and forget about us... I wonder instead, does my company have spam insurance? Have we considered that the power of worms and spam and viruses (oh my!) can take down email clients (for a whole workday, and maybe considerably more than that) and can result in the loss of business, and therefore, income?

We here at ebizQ spend all of our time discussing better ways to do business. Security is an important part of that, so much so that we even have a weekly newsletter called ebizQ security update, that you can sign up for here.

I even published a feature article yesterday by Ron O'Brien of Sophos, called Cyber Crime's Impact on Business. Please check it out here.

But in all honesty, I'm wondering if there is more than can be done. Can we put our heads together and think about security from an enterprise perspective? How do we deal with this onslaught of malware, worms, and viruses that threaten to take away significant portions of our livelihoods?

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Peter Schooff

Peter Schooff is Contributing Editor at ebizQ, and manager of the ebizQ Forum. Contact him at pschooff@techtarget.com

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