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Live from SOA Exec Forum: Steve Vinoski from IONA on Standards

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Joining Linthicum on the standards panel at InfoWorld's SOA Executive Forum was Steve Vinoski, CTO of IONA Technologies.

His thoughts on standards:

"Standards are basically a necessary evil. I can't stand working on standards myself, but I know that customers look to companies like IONA for standards, and it's important for us to help fill them out in an organized way.

"There are people whose whole job is to write standards. They're in meetings constantly, and if they're not in meetings, they're discussing the next meeting. These people never write a line of code. You really have to be in there doing it to understand it.

"The second problem is the vendors don't really take in user considerations. They see a space and rush to develop a spec for it. But the fact that they just taking something they've developed and try to develop standards to match it, without having it vetted by users.

"The users do really have to get involved in standards," Steve said.

An elected member of the board of directors of OASIS took exception to the prevailing beliefs of the panel members that standards bodies don't ever get involved with users. A great debate!

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