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Blogger Bios

Beth Gold-Bernstein

Beth Gold-Bernstein is a recognized expert in e-business integration technologies and technical architectures. She has worked with financial institutions, retail chains and manufacturers on planning, designing and implementing large scale distributed systems.. She speaks nationally and internationally at conferences and seminars, and has also written numerous articles for a variety of publications, including the ebizQ Integration Insider, EAI Journal, Application Development Trends, Intelligent Enterprise, IMWA and Middleware Spectre. Prior to joining ebizQ, Gold-Bernstein was the director of business integration technologies at Hurwitz Group. Previously, she was president of IllumiSys Corp. and director of architecture planning and implementation advisory services for DeBoever Architectures.She can be reached at bethgb ( at )ebizQ.net.


David Linthicum

David Linthicum is an internationally known distributed computing and application integration expert. He has twenty years of experience in the integration technology industry, most recently as chief technology officer (CTO) at Grand Central Communications. He has also served as the CTO at both Mercator Software and SAGA Software, and has held senior-level management positions at Electronic Data Systems, AT&T; Solutions, Mobil Oil, and Ernst & Young LLP. He has consulted for hundreds of major corporations engaged in systems analysis, design, and development, with a concentration in complex distributed systems.


Keith Harrison-Broninski

Keith Harrison-Broninski is a consultant, writer, researcher and software developer working at the forefront of the IT and business worlds. He is author of the landmark book "Human Interactions: The Heart And Soul Of Business Process Management"(Meghan-Kiffer Press, 2005, www.mkpress.com/hi), described by reviewers as "the overarching framework for 21st century business technology," and "a must read for Process Professionals and Systems Analysts alike." He is contributing "thought leader" to the BPMG book "In Search Of BPM Excellence" (BPMG, 2005). Keith is a founder member of the Process Modelling Group. Along with his research and consulting work, Keith is now the CTO of Role Modellers Ltd.The company mission is to develop understanding and support of collaborative human work processes across industry, a field that Keith has pioneered. Their new product, humanedj, will be released in 2006. Email Keith.


David Ogren

David Ogren is a Principal Systems Engineer at BEA Systems. He joined BEA as part of the Fuego acquisition and remains a specialist in Business Process Management technology. Prior to working at BEA and Fuego, David was the Client Services Program Manager for Application Server at Sun Microsystems. He is also the author of iPlanet Application Server: Designing and Building J2EE Solutions. David lives in Philadelphia, PA and can be reached at david.ogren@bea.com.


Ronan Bradley

Ronan Bradley has specialized in business integration technologies and their application for over 15 years, most recently as CEO of ESB startup PolarLake and prior to that as Vice President of Product Management in IONA Technologies. A widely published writer and consultant, Ronan now focuses on addressing the key business and technology issues associated with the adoption of SOA in addition to lecturing at The Dublin Institute of Technology. Ronan can be reached at ronan@ebizq.net


James Taylor

James Taylor blogs on decision technologies for ebizQ, and is also a consultant on business analytics, decision management, rules, and process management. He works with clients to identify and bring to market advanced decision management solutions that will better solve their business needs. Taylor is widely considered a leading expert and visionary in enterprise decision management, and has recently authored a book, available here. For more information please contact Mr. Taylor at james@smartenoughsystems.com.


Elizabeth Book

Elizabeth Book is Editor-in-Chief at ebizQ. Her business, technology and analytical writing has been published in the International Herald Tribune’s Germany edition -- the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung-Weekly, the Jerusalem Post, National Defense Magazine, the Johns Hopkins Journal of American Politics, the British Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal Europe and many others. She is a 2003-2004 fellow of the Robert Bosch Foundation, and holds memberships in the Atlantic Bridge and the Düsseldorf Institute for Foreign and Security Policy. Elizabeth can be reached at editor@ebizQ.net


Brenda Michelson

Brenda Michelson is an IT strategist, hands-on practitioner, and the voice of business-driven architecture. Brenda’s day job is principal consultant for Elemental Links. Brenda also contributes architecturally to the Patricia Seybold Group. Brenda spent 19 years in corporate IT, most recently as Chief Enterprise Architect for L.L. Bean. At L.L. Bean, Brenda was responsible for the articulation and execution of the enterprise architecture strategy (J2EE transformation, enterprise integration, SOA and EDA), strategic planning, portfolio management and talent development. Previous to L.L. Bean, over the span of 10 years, Brenda provided development services for Insurance, Banking, a Chip Manufacturer and a world leader in Aircraft Engine Design & Manufacturing. Email Brenda.


Steven Minsky

Steven Minsky joins the ebizQ blog roll after a year as ebizQ's Executive Vision columnist. Currently the CEO and Founder of LogicManager, Inc. Minsky is a recognized practitioner in the risk, decision and process management industries. He founded RulesPower in May 2001 and as CEO raised venture capital funding and delivered the product through to production customers and industry analyst recognition as the most innovative product in its category. RulesPower was acquired by Fair Isaac in 2005. Prior to RulesPower, at Kodak's Eastman Software subsidiary, Minsky conceived and executed their enterprise workflow software solution for the banking, insurance, brokerage and health care industries that has become Global 360, a BPM industry leader. Minsky graduated with an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business and received a B.S. in Engineering from Tufts University. Reach Steven at steven.minsky@logicmanager.com.


Andre Yee

Andre Yee is the President and Chief Executive Officer for NFR Security, the leading innovator in Real Time Threat Protection solutions. He is a noted author and conference speaker on topics related to security, middleware and enterprise architectures. He is also listed as an inventor on two patents. Most recently, he was recognized as one of InfoWorld's "Innovators to Watch for 2006". Andre's experience includes playing key senior management roles in three private companies that successfully achieved IPOs - SAGA Software, Landmark Systems and Best Software.


Gian Trotta

Gian Trotta has been an online producer since 1988, when he helped create one of the first online newspapers in America -- Newsday Online's three-line dial-up BBS that ran on RBBS-PC software. At Prodigy, Time Inc. New Media , About.com and MSNBC and CBS, he pioneered numerous other interactive news and community features. He won Wired Magazine's 1996 Site of the Year Award for his production of LIFE Magazine. He joined ebizQ as a consultant in 2002, and has served since then as the site's managing editor and director of marketing before assuming his current director of business development position. He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and three-year-old daughter and is an avid angler. Gian's always interested in all kind of news -- feel free to email him at gtrotta (at) ebizq.net.


Neil Macehiter

Neil Macehiter is a co-founder of and Research Director at Macehiter Ward-Dutton, a specialist IT advisory firm which focuses exclusively on issues concerning IT-business alignment – including IT architecture, integration, management, organisation and culture.
Neil specialises in enterprise architecture/SOA, web services, virtualisation and identity management. Immediately prior to forming Macehiter Ward-Dutton, he was Ovum’s Research Director for enterprise architecture topics, leading a team of analysts covering software development, deployment and management issues.
Before that he spent fourteen years in a range of consulting and sales support roles for a number of the largest IT suppliers, including Oracle and Sun Microsystems, and latterly in product and corporate strategy for a number of European start-ups, including Autonomy and Zeus Technology.
Neil has acted as an advisor to leading vendors, including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems; and to large IT user organisations, including the Australian Government’s Centrelink department, the Netherlands’ Government’s Belastingdienst agency, The UK Government’s Department of Work and Pensions and The Government of Hong Kong.
Neil is a regular speaker at conferences throughout Europe and is regularly quoted in mainstream and IT specialist media, including the BBC, Computer Weekly, The FT, The Times and IT Week. Neil earned an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University in 1985.


Neil Ward-Dutton

Neil Ward-Dutton is a co-founder of and Research Director at Macehiter Ward-Dutton, a specialist IT advisory firm which focuses exclusively on issues concerning IT-business alignment – including IT architecture, integration, management, organisation and culture.
Neil is an accomplished and experienced IT industry analyst and public speaker. He advises clients on technology and management issues relating to enterprise architecture, application development, business integration, process management and application platforms.
Immediately prior to forming Macehiter Ward-Dutton, Neil was Ovum’s Director of Technology Practices - where he had direct responsibility for all Ovum's software and telecoms technology research, and led a global team of technology analysts. In his nine years at Ovum, Neil led and contributed to a diverse range of technology research programmes.
Neil has acted as an advisor to leading vendors, including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, BEA, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, and Borland; and to large IT user organisations – particularly in financial services, government and telecommunications sectors.
Before working at Ovum, Neil worked as a software engineer and project manager for two highly-respected consulting and systems integration companies. Neil is a regular speaker at conferences throughout Europe and is regularly quoted in mainstream and IT specialist media, including CNBC, Computerwoche, The FT and The Times.


Peter Schooff

Peter Schooff

Peter Schooff is Managing Editor at ebizQ. Peter is also very popular blogger in IT Security space. Prior to this Peter managed the database operations for a major cigar company, served as writer/editor of an early internet entertainment site, and also developed a computer accounting system for several retail stores. Peter can be reached at pschooff (at) ebizQ.net and at (914) 712-1500 ext. 273.


Kiran Garimella

Peter Schooff

Dr. Kiran Garimella is a VP in the Office of the CTO at webMethods.Previously, he was the Chief Architect for GE Healthcare Financial Services (GE HFS), a $13 B global GE company, and prior to that, CIO for Equipment Finance, a $8 B P&L; of GE HFS. His 20-year work experience includes software development, management, consulting, research, and teaching.Kiran holds an MS in Computer Science, and a Ph.D. in Decision and Information Sciences from the University of Florida. He is the author of a business novel on BPM, The Power of Process: Unleashing the Source of Competitive Advantage. He is a frequent speaker at BPM conferences. He can be reached at Kiran.Garimella@webMethods.com.


Dennis Byron

Dennis Byron

Dennis Byron is an analyst with ebizQ, focusing on Open Source Software as well as Business Process Management technologies.

His popular columns and blog entries on the enterprise open source space give ebizQ an edge as the only publication currently covered Open Source from a market perspective. Visit Dennis’ blog,"Open Source Up the Stack," here. Dennis is a speaker and moderator on all ebizQ programming relating to Open Source concepts.

Dennis Byron is also the principal of IT Investment Research, which is aimed at institutional and individual investors in information technology (IT), or just anyone who likes to peer under the covers of "the financials" where both large companies and emerging IPOs like to bury their most interesting facts. Byron has more than 30 years experience researching and analyzing all areas of information technology and information-systems use. He was the ERP and Middleware Analyst with the Datapro division of McGraw-Hill and at IDC from 1991 to 2006. He has conducted over 500 specific information-systems case studies, and has contributed to Application Development Trends magazine and other publications.


Krissi Danielsson

Krissi Danielsson

Krissi Danielsson is a podcast producer with ebizQ and contributor to ebizQ's SaaSWeek site. She started following the IT market while working as an assistant editor with TechTarget, where she spent four years covering a variety of technology areas, from Web services to enterprise Linux. As a freelance writer, she has also written for sites such as TechSpend, ComputerBits, and the iParenting network. Krissi is the author/co-author of four nonfiction books.


Alex Fletcher

Alex Fletcher

Alex Fletcher is lead industry analyst at Entiva Group Incorporated, a research and analyst firm which specializes exclusively on the open source software industry. His main focus is working to help clients of all sizes formulate approaches to governance, strategy and policy surrounding use of open source software as a competitive differentiator within the enterprise. Alex has prior experience as a consultant, software engineer and start-up founder. He can be reached at alex.fletcher (at) entivagroup.com


Mike Rothman

Alex Fletcher

Mike Rothman is president and principal analyst of Security Incite, an industry analyst firm in Atlanta, and the author of The Pragmatic CSO: 12 Steps to Being a Security Master. Get more information about the Pragmatic CSO at http://www.pragmaticcso.com, read his blog at http://blog.securityincite.com, or reach him via e-mail at mike.rothman (at) securityincite (dot) com.


Angela Ashenden

Angela Ashenden

Angela Ashenden is a Principal Analyst at Macehiter Ward-Dutton, a specialist IT advisory firm which focuses exclusively on issues concerning IT-business alignment – including IT architecture, integration, management, organisation and culture. Angela is a highly accomplished and experienced IT industry analyst and public speaker. With experience in many areas around collaboration and information management, she has advised clients on technology and management issues relating to collaboration, enterprise content management, portals, workflow, enterprise search and e-learning. Angela regularly presents at conferences and seminars on information management technology and markets, as well as writing for journals and trade publications on various topics.


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