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It was surely bound to happen, as high technology has become so deeply intertwined in our personal and business lives, and now it has: The digital world has reshaped how we manage and operate our organizations like never before, unleashing... Read More..
One of the interesting side effects of the pervasiveness of technology today is that work in general is becoming so digital that it sometimes completely disappears from sight. By this I mean it's trapped within our e-mail systems, IT systems,... Read More..
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Just in case you've been spending time on a deserted island, you might not know that the Web these days has been moving rapidly towards a profoundly more social and interconnected version of itself. It was just over a year... Read More..
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There's been a lot of discussion in Enterprise 2.0 circles recently on the topic of something known as online community management. While precise definitions of this activity can be hard to find, most generally accept that it involves the functional... Read More..
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It's almost a truism that cultural and organizational factors -- these include politics, information silos, "tribal" interests, and effective change management -- generally determine the success or failure of a major IT initiative in most organizations today. While "big bang"... Read More..
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Even through the downturn the pace of change in the technology landscape in the last several years has moved at a breakneck pace. Transformations in the marketplace itself as well as major new trends in culture and society are putting... Read More..
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